Sample Multi-Family Projects

The Prime

Location: Lyndhurst, New Jersey

Type: New Retail and Apartments

Info: A new retail and multi-level apartment building on a busy avenue in Lyndhurst.

El Coyote Route 46 Apartments

Location: Netcong, New Jersey

Type: New Mixed Use Facility

Info: A new office, retail, and apartments building located at the vacant El Coyote site.

Hackettstown Route 57 Apartments

Location: Hackettstown, New Jersey

Type: New Apartment Complex

Info: A new four building apartment complex designed for a vacant highway site in Hackettstown.

Tifa Realty Development

Location: Long Hill Township, New Jersey

Type: New Multi-use Development

Info: A project currently in the early design phases for a multi-use development on an existing industrial property.

Age Restricted Housing and Commercial Development

Location: Town of Hackettstown, New Jersey

Type: New Multi-use Development

Info: One of two adjacent seven-acre properties is being designed as a multi-use development that consists of a commercial building and age-restricted housing.

YCC Asbury Park

Location: City of Asbury Park, New Jersey

Type: Adaptive Reuse, Multi-family Apartments

Info: An old abandoned brick school building is being brought back to life as a low cost housing development while maintaining its historical presence.

Bayonne Bay

Location: City of Bayonne, New Jersey

Type: Concept for New Apartments

Info: A multi-phase housing redevelopment plan concept was designed for underdeveloped land in Bayonne, New Jersey. The work completed included an overall concept sketch of the development area and basic designs on the building plan layouts.

Port Oram Towers

Location: Borough of Wharton, New Jersey

Type: Concept for New Apartments

Info: A new ten story senior citizen apartment building was designed for a strip of land close to the intersection of Routes 15 and 80.

Senior Citizen Housing

Location: Town of Hackettstown, New Jersey

Type: New Age-Restricted Apartments, including Site Plan

Info: A vacant site close to Hackettstown Hospital was developed to provide a new 16-unit senior citizen apartment building.

MLK Drive Apartments

Location: City of Jersey City, New Jersey

Type: New Urban Infill Construction, including Site Plan

Info: An empty lot on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in Jersey City was developed to contain six low-income dwelling units and secure off-street parking.