Hackettstown Route 57 Apartments

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This project started as an approved site plan for an apartment complex that never went to construction. Our client then purchased the project and decided to have us redesign it to be a more attractive and functional development. Having worked on projects for this developer in the past, we took his preferred design ideas and entirely redesigned the buildings from the ground up. The project was then resubmitted to the town to obtain amended approvals for our new building design.

The complex consists of four two-story buildings. Each building has twenty-six units split among one-bedroom and two-bedroom plans that are all designated as senior citizen apartment units. There is also a separate gazebo that is the recreation facility and rental office for the complex. All five buildings face a central parking area and have pathways and open green space around the other sides.

The buildings have brick exteriors and sloping roofs to make them warm and home like to make the occupants feel more comfortable, as opposed to giving a cold and unfriendly institutional feeling (which was the original design that was scrapped). Each apartment has living and bedroom spaces that have natural light and ventilation. Lower level unit living rooms have a large projecting bay window and upper level unit living rooms have sliders that lead to curved balconies. Other amenities include dining rooms, laundry rooms, large bathrooms, and ample closet space.

All of the apartments have been designed as handicapped adaptable units to allow tenants with special needs to be easily accommodated. Currently two of the four buildings are built and occupied. The third is currently under construction.