Senior Citizen Housing

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A vacant site was developed to provide a new 16-unit senior citizen apartment building that has both one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. This two-story building is situated on a one acre site and has outdoor public common areas for community activities as well as the required parking for the facility.

All of the site elements including layout, drainage, lighting, landscaping, and grading were designed to accommodate the site and the particular challenges it posed. Several presentations were made to governing municipal boards to coordinate various details and obtain the approval of this project.

The building itself is arranged so that every unit has its own separate entry door to create a sense of individuality. Other residential design cues were used throughout to minimize an institutional appearance and create a real sense of home for the occupants. These cues include steep pitched shingle roofs, covered balconies, detailed brickwork, and rooms with significant natural lighting.

Of particular importance was the overall scale of the building. Maintaining a smaller scale of the individual elements, and breaking up the exterior form with details, creates an appearance that can be compared to a larger home and not an apartment complex.