Age Restricted Housing and Commercial Development

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The development consists of several buildings arranged around the vacant seven-acre site. Each of the buildings will have parking areas immediately adjacent for easy access. Currently the project is in the early stages of conceptual design to determine the overall scope and how it will move forward.

The current design has a two-story office building at the front, narrow part of the site adjacent to the street. Behind it is a two-story apartment building. Towards the wider rear part of the site a pair of three-story apartment buildings face each other to create a private courtyard between them. Adjacent to these buildings is an octagonal recreation pavilion for community activities and meetings.

The schematic will develop and change once parameters are set regarding the uses and the allowable zoning in the building district. This type of mixed-use development is intended to provide necessary services to the community in a way that meets with the design intent of the town’s master plan.