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The site often becomes a very important part of a project. Situated at a prominent locale along Barnegat Bay, this owner wanted to have a more spacious and functional building. The original house was demolished, and a new one was constructed that has a stronger relationship to the unique site.

The entertaining areas, including a two-and-a-half story family room, are focused towards the rear so that these spaces all have wide-open views through the large windows to the bay. This inside and outside relationship is enhanced by additional living spaces along the exterior facade on both levels that are directly connected to the adjoining interior spaces.

Topping the home, accessed by a steel spiral staircase, is an open rooftop lookout that allows a wide field of view of scenery allowing a viewer to see very far in all directions. This is contrasted by a small, second floor deck off a bedroom that is tucked into the body of the building and has its own private view of the inlet, but is hidden from general view.

At the CBRA awards banquet in June 2011, the Community Builders and Remodelers Association of New Jersey awarded Fox Architectural Design the Best New Single Family Residential for this project.