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The original plan for this lakefront lot was a simple pre-manufactured modular home. The client realized during the modular home selection process that this option was not going to give his family what they wanted. The project then changed to a custom home to be designed around the specific needs of the family.

This four-bedroom home provides a dramatic and unique appearance from the lake while also giving the family an expansive and unencumbered view out over the lake. The spaces inside were designed to be relatively simple to try and maximize the possible cost savings considering the scope of the project was now completely different than originally planned.

A gazebo at the left side of the front punctuates an intimate front porch. A rear deck provides a large area for entertaining as well as viewing activity on the lake. The railings and spindles are all made from low-maintenance composite materials to give a high level of detail while reducing the amount of upkeep needed to maintain a fresh and clean appearance.