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The owner had an open area of land next to their existing house. The first step was to analyze their piece of land to determine how it could be subdivided to allow the new lot for construction. Though the lot had a good amount of open space, the size required careful planning based upon the zoning ordinance requirements to make the new lot a viable parcel while not creating problems with the existing. The schematic plan for the proposed subdivision was laid out along with the plan of the new home to make sure both would fit. Once this was completed, the lot design was handed over to a surveyor to create the necessary subdivision drawings and obtain approvals.

During the subdivision approval process, we worked closely with the owner to create a new two-story Victorian inspired home. The allowable width was narrow, so the spaces within the house were stacked in a front-to-back configuration on either side of a central circulation spine. This configuration was desired by the client to make a more compact and less modern layout. Additional focus was placed on areas that were especially important to the client such as the master bedroom and kitchen.

Exterior design elements such as a small corner turret, a cozy front porch, and other key details allowed a layout and appearance that met the design objectives.