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The goal for this lakefront property was to transform an existing typical 1-1/2 story dwelling into an impressive residence that not only would have a greater lake presence, but would also provide the owner with impressive views of the lake. The property is a steeply sloped towards the lake and this gives the home a high perch above the lake.

A new upper level was added and extensive renovations were provided throughout the house to create a balanced and functional final composition. Special natural and artificial lighting concerns were addressed in the new painting studio and gallery space.

Other areas with special needs included the master bedroom suite, the exercise room (which has a resistance pool), the new lakeside deck (also with a resistance pool), and a new elevator that connects all of the levels.

Materials and finishes were selected to not only be low-maintenance and durable, but also to blend the structure into the site. The colors and textures that were used allow the home to have a commanding view of the lake from the sloping site, but also reduce its visual impact. This concept is best understood from the last lake view in the series.