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This client undertook two separate projects to transform their ordinary lake home into a new and vibrant structure that fit in better with the upscale community. The first project focused on the lakeside façade. The second project, a couple years later, focused on the view of the home from the street.

The goals of the addition and the renovation of the rear of the home were to improve the look of the house from the lake and to create additional space on the interior. The affected areas include the dining room area and an octagonal breakfast area. Both of these areas have vaulted ceilings that required custom designed framing.

The rear of the dining area has a large window wall with diagonally oriented panes. The unusual configuration of the windows, and the need to resist the persistent wind that comes off the lake, required an innovative thin structural steel gridwork to create this wall.

However, at the street side there was a fundamental circulation problem with the existing design of the home that a new small addition would have to address. Though connected, the existing garage had no direct access into the home – the owners would have to exit the garage and walk around the front of the home to get to the entry. In icy or snowy conditions this was a critical problem since this is on the colder north side of the house.

The new addition makes a direct indoor connection between the garage and the entry area while creating a rustic and eclectic aesthetic improvement that fits with the character of the rest of the home. Stone detailing, standing seam metal roofs, and new roof lines give this small addition a more grand appearance.