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This existing lakefront home is situated on an attractive piece of property. The side of the home facing the lake is an interesting composition of architectural elements fitting for the location. However, the front view of the home from the street was not in keeping with the appearance and level of design that the client desired.

The design in this instance started with a concept about the desired exterior appearance, and then utilized that new exterior form as the framework to improve the configuration of interior spaces. The most significant interior alteration was the expansion to the upper level to create a new master bedroom suite with a turreted master bathroom area.

To create the new elements on the existing building required an innovative and detailed approach to the structural design. The framing intricacies of the forms was further complicated by the unusual structure of the existing home. However, with careful review of the existing and proposed framing, a unique structural design was created to take advantages of the strengths, and avoid the weaknesses, of the existing home's framing.