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There were several important design features to be provided in this addition to the existing residence. The existing front and rear facades were very flat and the additions were to give more visual interest. Also, the new spaces to be created were to consist of a light and airy sunroom, and an enclosed poolroom.

To address the flat front facade, a new covered entry porch was created which frames the front door making it more visible and prominent. It also provides a sheltered area out of inclement weather while waiting to enter. The composition is visually harmonized with the balustrade that repeats on the roof area and on the stairs and platform.

The most important pieces of the project are the large open and airy sunroom and the enclosed poolroom on the rear. These two new spaces extend from the previously flat facade creating a semi-bounded exterior patio area separated from the rest of the rear yard.

The sunroom has windows on all sides and has a set of glass doors that lead to the patio area. The interior of the space is vaulted and open to a cupola that sits on top of the roof. The same interior and roof treatment is provided in the poolroom and this helps to bring indirect light from above to reduce the contrast in the space that could be created by the wide expanses of glass in the walls.

These cupola structures required special structural engineering to create the open space while maintaining the structural integrity of the roof. Also, with the large expanses of glass, and the interior pool, special mechanical engineering was required to keep the spaces comfortable. The project also required municipal approvals from the zoning board of adjustment.