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An existing bi-level home did not have enough open living space or bedroom space. The first upgrade was to provide an expansion to the existing living room in the front of the house. This made the room more functional to fit with the needs of the client. The top of this new vaulted space is open to a large dormer that allows light to enter and diffuse down into the room.

On the rear of the home, a new breakfast area and formal dining room were added off of the renovated kitchen. Also on the rear, The existing small master bedroom was expanded to provide a true master bedroom suite that contains a large bedroom area, a new walk-in-closet, and a new generous master bathroom.

Along with these expansions to the functional space, the client desired a complete overhaul of the look of the home. The tired bi-level barn-style roof aesthetic was changed to create a more modern and clean fašade. This, along with the new siding materials gives the home a fresh appearance. In addition, a covered porch was added to the front to provide covering in bad weather at the front entry, but also to give more depth with shade and shadow to the view from the street.