Pio Costa Memorial Building

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An existing site with several existing brick buildings is being expanded to include a new building. This building is to contain separate retail tenants on the ground floor with several also located on the upper level. The rest of the upper level is to have self-storage units that are accessed via a large freight elevator.

The detailing on the building is a combination of brick facades similar to other building on the site with a set of metal roofs to make it stand out from the older buildings. There is large storefront glass on the lower level to show potential customers on foot, or driving by on the highway, what is available inside. Clean lines and sloping surfaces use the brick to create an interesting and elegant fašade on a large and simple building.

The project required complicated approvals since one half of it is located in one town and the other half in another. Further complicating the issue is that the two towns are in two different counties. Submittals for site plan approval were tailored to each municipality along with the other reviewing agencies.