Maddali Investments

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This project is a redevelopment of an underutilized site to create a new vibrant shopping center on a busy stretch of Route 10. The main difficulty is that the site is long and narrow. This required close coordination between the architects and civil engineer to create a viable building design, and a functional site design. Working together, a number of different possible schemes and iterations were developed to create a viable development, while taking into account all of the various constraints.

The final building design utilized material breaks in the facade, and also uses different forms and massing to articulate the various sections which correspond to individual tenant spaces. This also helps to break up the length of the building into separate parts to deemphasize the overall length. Along with varying heights of the parts, this overall size and scale of the building is visually reduced. These parts and the choices of the materials help to maintain a pedestrian scale close to the building while still being scaled to the vehicular traffic of the highway.

All required local, county and state approvals have been obtained. The project will be under construction in 2024.