FLG X NJ - Flagstaff Extreme

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Flagstaff Extreme is an adventure course organization out of Arizona that is expanding to the New Jersey market. They provide a zip-line experience and an elevated obstacle course suspended among the trees at 15 to 60 feet above the ground. They were working with a local engineer regarding the site preparations and decided to come to us to create a unique and interesting welcome center building that would fit with their exhilarating business.

The decision was made to create the building out of shipping containers. The interior spaces provide training areas, sales, office space, storage, and bathrooms. The containers are stacked to create an interesting U-shape that also has an upturned container for a tower. This building is the backdrop for the large entry deck from the parking area welcoming visitors. To provide some shade in this gathering area, part of the deck is covered with free-floating sloped roof plates that are suspended from pairs of large structural wood poles.

After approvals were obtained from the municipal zoning board, we prepared the final construction and permit drawings for the construction of the facility. Working closely with our structural engineer and mechanical engineer, we were able to adapt the stacked shipping containers to accommodate the naturally sloping site, the various uses and other functional requirements.