Lake Hopatcong Marine

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The owner is moving his existing operation into a new and modern facility. The goal is to create a building that is fully functional as a boat showroom, marina offices, and a boat repair and maintenance shop. An important part of the concept is to create a visually striking and unique building that is memorable when viewed from the lake and also from the street. All of this needs to be accomplished with a budget in mind and with a compressed timeframe.

Even though the facades are unique, the building will be a pre-engineered metal structure sitting on a concrete lower level. The upper level metal building will house the showroom and offices, and the lower level will contain the shop and related service areas.

The existing site is another element that adds to the complexity of the project. Like many sites on the lake, it is a steeply sloping site. This allows direct access to the showroom level from the street level, and direct access to the shop level from the rear. The foundation requires specialized structural engineering to accommodate the slope of the site. Construction is currently underway.