Lake Shawnee Clubhouse

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The main focus of the project was to take the existing community center clubhouse on the lake and make it more open and airy space. The existing upper level gathering room had a very low ceiling that did not give a sense of spaciousness that is important for a facility such as this.

The entire upper level of the building was removed to allow for taller walls to be constructed for the grander space. In addition to the taller walls, a unique roof structure layout was devised to further increase the interior space with a vaulted ceiling area across the entire room. This new configuration also eliminated the columns that were in the previous space.

The existing deck facing the lake will be removed and replaced. The new roof structure also will extend over the entire deck to provide shelter for outdoor activities. This roof will float above the deck and there are no columns to block the view of the lake.

Also, to better serve the community, a new handicapped accessible ramp is constructed on the front of the building to allow accessibility to the upper level which did not exist before.