Rockaway Recycling

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This new industrial building project created 50,000 square feet of leasable space. It consists of two adjacent buildings that are similar in footprint and design. They are set at right angles to each other to make the maximum use of this site which has a number of constraints including flood hazard boundary areas and wetlands areas and buffers.

The buildings have a total of 17 overhead doors that have direct access from the pavement areas for truck loading, plus another 17 internal overhead doors accessed via a large common hallway that is serviced by a pair of shared loading ramps. This allows each of the structural bays in the building to have a pair of overhead doors - one that the front and one at the rear.

Since the building is designed with minimal interior structural elements in the way, the overall layout and configuration of proposed tenant spaces is very flexible and can be tailored to the needs of each individual tenant.

Using creative problem solving, this site and building was adapted to take the maximum advantage of the possible site development. This approach allows for a well-functioning industrial complex on a site that would otherwise have been difficult to utilize for other purposes.