Circle Bowl and Entertainment

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The owners of Circle Lanes came to us to help them coordinate and prepare the construction documents for the redesign of their bowling center. We worked with the project designers to address various construction, code, and logistical issues to assist them in finalizing their designs. After these designs were completed, we developed a full set of demolition, structural modification, and renovation drawings that were used to obtain building permits, and to direct the contractor in the construction.

The interior has been reconfigured to have a general bowling area, a VIP bowling area, several private party rooms, a restaurant and bar, and a new activity area that includes laser tag, a rock climbing wall, and an area for arcade-style games. These new areas will provide a new and exciting attraction for the public, of all ages, to enjoy.

The project also required zoning approvals and we worked with the owner and the municipality to make sure all issues were addressed so the necessary approvals could be granted. Unique projects require a unique approach and this often incorporates careful communication among all parties involved to make sure there are no potential loose ends that might become issues later.

Working with older existing buildings also requires a hands-on approach during the construction process. As demolition proceeded, issues were uncovered that required additional engineering or redesign. This is a normal process, and good communication between the contractor and the architect is extremely important to work through these conditions. Working together, they can provide the most efficient and the most cost effective product for the owner.

The building is still undergoing renovations, but by focusing on the bowling area first, it was possible for Circle Lanes to open and allow the public to enjoy the newly refurbished lanes.

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