Jefferson Headquarters Plaza

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This existing professional building has a good, visible location along Route 15 in Jefferson Township. The existing brick building had facades that were worn out and in need of repairs. There were also areas that were water damaged and parts of the exterior had started to rot and fall off of the building. Instead of just patching up the existing facades the client wanted to give the entire building a facelift and create a more attractive building that would be more leasable.

Since the exterior was already brick in a utilitarian/modern layout, the design intent was to reuse the brick and add elements as necessary to completely change the exterior appearance. The resulting design is a more traditional and stately looking set of facades that establishes a new rhythm and relationship of elements while being cost-conscious and incorporating as many of the existing elements as possible.

The existing facades were almost entirely devoid of detail. The new design added many detail elements such as corner quoins, window and door surrounds, columns, arches, and new roof dormers to break up the monotony of the large shingled roof. The addition of these details took an uninteresting minimalist building and gave it new character to make it stand out.

The addition of the roof dormers also increased the square footage of the third floor to make it a more valuable rental space. Other interior improvements included reconfiguring the entry to create a more impressive and functional lobby space, and strengthening the existing structure of the third floor as needed to make it a usable space. All of these updates have taken a building that was literally falling apart in areas and created a new-appearing building to attract new tenants.