Paramount Plaza - Budd Lake

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On a busy stretch of Route 46 in Mount Olive Township, the owner of an existing property wanted to demolish an old bar and restaurant building and create a new shopping center. The existing building was removed, and a new 12,500 square foot shopping center on a completely updated site was constructed.

A major part of the project was the application to the municipal planning board. Since the site needed significant upgrades and changes to conform to the newer site construction regulations, the plans and engineering was carefully coordinated with the municipal engineer and planner. This property is situated on Route 46, so the plans also had to be coordinated with the New Jersey Department of Transportation to verify they met their rules and regulations. Coordination was also required with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection due to wetlands on an adjacent parcel of land.

With the approval from the municipal planning board, the construction documents for the building were completed. This included structural engineering, as well as building systems engineering (plumbing, mechanical, and electrical).

This new building, along with the redesigned site, will provide a safer and more prosperous facility for the public use.

At the CBRA awards banquet in June 2011, the Community Builders and Remodelers Association of New Jersey awarded Fox Architectural Design the Best New Commercial Retail Building for this project.