Sabor Latino - Town of Dover

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A restaurateur in the town had been renting a space for his well known establishment. He came to the decision that the best next step for his business was to move his restaurant to a building that he would own. In town there was a vacant building situated on a corner lot. The size of the building was good, and the location was also very desirable.

The first step in the process was to obtain the necessary approvals from the town to convert the existing building into a new restaurant. After those steps were completed, the focus was on preparing the documents necessary so the building could be rehabilitated and converted into a new restaurant. Working with our engineers, we developed the plans that then were used to secure construction prices, and obtain the construction permits.

This is an example of taking an under utilized building and property, and giving it a new vibrant life. Not only does this help the community, it also can save significant cost over building from scratch.

At the Metro Builders awards banquet in June 2018, the Metropolitan Builders and Contractors Association of New Jersey awarded Fox Architectural Design the Best Commercial Construction for this project.