Bell's Mansion Restaurant

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The original mansion was built in the 1800’s. A new owner recently purchased the aging and dilapidated house and saved it from a potential complete roof collapse. The owner also chose to renovate and restore the existing house and to construct an addition. The goal was to create a refined residence on the upper levels and a new elegant restaurant on the first floor. The restaurant was named Bell’s Mansion in honor of the man who built the house for himself.

The project entailed restoration of existing architectural elements including decorative moldings, fireplaces, and staircases. The new addition was built to accommodate space needed for the restaurant kitchen and facilities. The addition was clad with red brick to match the existing façades, and the front porch has become a glass-enclosed dining room.

Both the site plan drawings and the architectural drawings were handled in house by our staff of architects and site designers providing a one-stop approach for the client for the comprehensive redesign of the property.

The result is a unique residence for the owner, and an elegant dining atmosphere where patrons can enjoy the original décor of an historic building. We believe that saving older significant buildings and adaptively reusing them is the best use of resources while also maintaining the established neighborhood.