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The existing lakefront home burned down and it was decided to rebuild the home generally on the same footprint. The existing layout and structure worked well for the client, but the rebuilding would allow for some redesign of key elements to improve on what was there. The home was a total loss and the only part that was saved was a central masonry chimney, some masonry and concrete foundation elements, and the garage area.

Since the home occupies a unique location on the lake and has a commanding view of the cove it is located within, the revised floor plan would be designed to take full advantage of the views. On the main level, a large, open living room would be behind the angled prow walls facing the lake. The existing masonry chimney would help form the space of this room and separate the space from the entry, kitchen, and service areas. Along the entire rear of the home is a deep balcony/deck that has access to the living area, and to the master bedroom suite at the other end of the house.

The floor plan incorporated new cantilevered floor areas that increase the available space inside the kitchen and dining areas to create a better, and more modern, layout that existed in the previous house. The lower level incorporates a game room area, a secondary kitchen, a TV room, an exercise area, a guest bedroom, and other ancillary service areas. Due to the sloping grade of the site, this lower level area has direct access to the yard and to the lake.

The overall floor plan is an interesting composition of several angled spaces coming together. In this type of layout, special consideration has to be given to these connections so that the form and function of the spaces is not compromised. Also, these angles require special structural design, including framing layout and detailed connections.