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The client purchased a relatively narrow piece of property on the lake which was accessible by an undeveloped road. The site is a typical steep sloping lot that has a grade difference from the street to the lake of approximately 40 feet. The first step was to create a grading plan that would allow the home to be well situated on the lot while accommodating the sloping land. The final design created a one-story building at the street, and a two-story building facing the lake.

The home is a full-time residence and needed to have all the amenities required of a modern home. A number of design iterations were completed to work with the grading difficulties of the site while creating the interior spaces desired. Those studies, along with the many building elevation studies, resulted in a home that meets the spatial needs of the client while providing expansive views of the lake, and creating a dramatic lakeside elevation. Since the lakeside is considered the front, it was important to create a refined and interesting massing and facade.

The spaces facing the lake have many windows providing a wide view of the rear yard and the lake. These living and entertaining spaces were created to be part of the open floor plan, and the ceilings are vaulted to maximize the volume of the spaces. This design required specialized structural design and framing. The master bedroom suite and the secondary bedrooms are tucked away from the public areas.

During construction, materials and finishes were selected by the owner, which along with the rock walls and landscaping on the property, creates a formal and interesting overall composition.