Kinnelon Borough Department of Public Works

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The Borough needed an expansion and renovation to their existing Department of Public Works building to keep pace with the needs of the municipality. One major requirement was the need to house their salt and plow trucks inside so that at the time of a storm they could be rolled out fully prepared at a moments notice. Also the new interior space would provide taller working bays to maintain and prepare their equipment.

The addition is a large prefabricated steel building sitting on a masonry base. The design creates an open interior space with the height required for their taller trucks that do not fit into the older portion of the building. This new area is also designed to house their new office space on the lower level, with a new flex-space on the second level for future expansion. Special consideration was given to the existing site since the location of the addition will require soils work to provide a strong base for the construction. Also, the existing portion of the building is being updated and renovated to fit the changing needs of the Borough.

This was a publicly bid project that went through a couple of iterations to be able to come to a final layout that meets the needs of the Borough while also falling within budget. Fox Architectural coordinated the bidding process and is now engaged in the Construction Administration process to assist the Borough in overseeing the construction of their renovated and expanded facility.