Roxbury Township Library roof

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The township library roof had many problems that were getting progressively worse over time. This was one of the buildings that Fox Architectural Design included in a feasibility report to the township that dealt with roofs on various township buildings that needed attention. After reviewing the projects, this roof was determined to be the second one in line requiring work.

The problems with the library roof stemmed from the building having undergone several building additions in the past. When these additions were done, the roofing configuration and details were not dealt with on a building-wise basis, but on an addition basis. This resulted in roof areas with incorrect and insufficient pitches. Some of these roof areas pitched towards joints in the roof that resulted in areas of leakage into the roofing systems. This allowed the areas under the roofing to be saturated with water. These areas were confirmed with infrared analysis.

Because of this, the decision was made to remove all of the roofing, to repair or replace roof substrates as required, and install a new comprehensive roofing system. The various additions created a unique problem to getting water off of the roof. Changes in roof pitches were required, as well as breaking the roof areas into smaller more manageable pieces, and installing new drains. The new layout provides positive drainage away from joints, and off of the roof.

This project was a publicly bid job that Fox Architectural Design provided the construction drawings and specifications. The bidding phase and the construction administration oversight was also part of our scope of work to assist the municipality.