Roxbury Township Community Center roof - Roxbury Township, NJ

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Roof removal and replacement has been completed at the Roxbury Community Center on Eyland Avenue in Roxbury Township. The existing leaky and worn-out roof was removed and replaced with a new modern multi-layer roofing system over the existing wood decking. This will provide decades of protection for the building and the occupants.

Fox Architectural Design has completed a number of low-slope re-roofing projects for schools, municipal facilities, and private owners. Each project is unique and requires a careful study of the existing conditions so that the appropriate roofing system can be utilized. Once a system is selected, then specifics about detailing special conditions, repairing problems, and construction coordination are developed.

In a publicly owned project such as this one, extensive final construction drawings and specifications are put out to a public bid. After a contractor is awarded the project, we assist the owner and the contractor in moving the project forward during the construction process. Often there are questions or unforeseen conditions that require quick and decisive solutions. Our main goal is to help the owner obtain the best roof possible for the money that is being spent.

Fox Architectural Design first completed an analysis of several older roofs in the township that needed replacement. With this condition and cost analyses that were provided, the township was able to better understand the condition of the existing roofs and assess how to best move forward in scheduling replacements and which materials would give the best performance. The Community Center was in immediate need of replacement to eliminate leaks and other related problems.