Mine Hill Beach - Mine Hill, NJ

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The existing building was a small one-story masonry wall structure with an adjacent covered seating area. The building has a pair of multi-occupancy bathrooms, a lifeguard storage area, and a concessions stand and kitchen area. The configuration and use of the building was kept the same, but many changes were made to the spaces within, and the exterior detailing.

The bathrooms were completely renovated to utilize updated fixtures and bring the facility more into conformance with the handicapped accessibility codes. The storage area was cleaned of extra unnecessary construction to allow more open storage space. The kitchen area was fully renovated to provide an updated and more useful kitchen.

Exterior improvements focused on taking the unattractive masonry block building and fitting the visible front and sides with a new stone veneer. The side seating area also received new stone on the half-walls, but these walls were fully rebuilt to address the erosion and earth retaining problem that was happening on the side and rear of the building. A new concrete swale was added behind the building to further address the water and erosion issues. New soffits, moldings and trim were added to the roof to complete the fresh new facades.

Letter from the township after completion