Wharton Borough Department of Public Works office

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The existing one-story building was too small for the offices of the Wharton Borough Public Works Department. The project consisted of a new second level which would incorporate bathrooms, locker rooms, and a large multi-purpose meeting space. The lower level was reconfigured to update the existing offices and provide a new foreman office, and entry foyer to access the new upper level. Since this was a public project where the available funds had to be used in the most economical way possible, it was decided to maintain as much of the existing building as possible, and build over, and around it.

The existing masonry first floor walls are to be maintained, but refinished on the interior and the exterior. Since the upper level is wood framed, the lower level masonry was designed to be furred-out on the exterior to allow the same new siding to be used on the exterior of the existing areas as the new. Also, the existing ceiling structure on the lower level was maintained and a new study wood framed floor was built independently over it. The new materials used in the building are designed to be low maintenance and durable.

The scope of work performed on this project included the design and construction drawing process, as well as assisting with the public bidding, and performing construction administration duties. The construction administration includes reviewing shop drawings and submittals, observing the progress of work on site, reviewing and approving contractor payment requisitions, working out issues that develop during the construction process, and other tasks necessary to ensure a smooth construction process.