Great Notch Fire Co. #4

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The fire company was about to obtain a newer fire engine that very barely fit into the existing apparatus bays. To accommodate the larger vehicle, and to provide more breathing room for the facility, an addition and renovation was undertaken.

We met with the fire company to review the needs and desires for the expansion. An important part of this process was looking at the budget and seeing how the design would have to develop to keep within the fiscal parameters. Working with the committee, decisions were made to work towards a functional and efficient result.

The expansion consisted of extending the front wall of the apparatus bays forward to provide the length needed for the larger vehicles. Also, the roof was removed and the structure was pushed upwards to get more clear space above the vehicles. Larger and wider overhead doors were provided making for easier entry and exit of the vehicles.

The redesign also created a new recreation room, exercise room, and bathroom on the upper level above the existing kitchen area. Overall, this expansion accommodated the immediate needs of the fire company and looked ahead, providing space that can be flexibly used to meet future needs.