City of Summit Department of Public Works

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This project had two distinct main parts. The first was to take the existing bowstring truss roofed building and renovate the interior and exterior. The second part was the addition of a large vehicle wash bay and heavy storage on the rear of the building.

The existing building had a single garage door at the two ends to access the interior. This made it very difficult to service multiple vehicles at the same time. The new layout closed up the entries on the ends and created an entire side of garage doors to provide a great amount of flexibility to the use of the space. Also, the space was split in half to have dedicated space for the mechanics and public works employees.

A full bathroom and locker room renovation and expansion gave the department workers more useable space and also provided updated fixtures. A newly renovated suite of offices allowed for the space required for the department to efficiently function.

The addition to the rear has a large two-lane, four-stall set of vehicle washing bays used for vehicle maintenance and upkeep. This space needed to be high to accommodate their tallest piece of equipment. On the floor above the bays, there is a large open space that is to be used for the storage of materials and records. It has been designed with a large entry stairway, and a strong frame to accept significant loading to allow the city to store anything needed.

The key issue for this renovation and addition was to create a facility that was efficient and that met with the functional needs of the department. This was achieved while upgrading and updating the interior and the exterior aesthetics of the building.