Jefferson Township Middle School roof - Jefferson Township, NJ

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Approximately 36,000 square feet of the existing roof of the middle school needed to be addressed. It was decided to try and save money by extending the life of these roof areas through a process of repairs and restorations. Since the project was for a public school system, applications and approvals were coordinated and obtained from the New Jersey Department of Education School Facilities Division. While the state approvals were moving forward, the construction drawings for the roof were created.

The first step was to take an existing survey of the roof in the areas that were to be addressed in this project. Since the decision was made to try and save the roofs, the drawings and details focused on repairing the damaged areas, including removing roofing blisters, replacing wet insulation, and replacing deteriorated flashings. The flat areas were detailed to receive these repairs, a flood coat of sealer, and a new ballasted surface to protect the older roof under it. The sloped areas were repaired and then fully covered with a white restoration coating to seal the roof from the elements. In addition, new flashings at curbs and expansion joints were detailed to minimize roof wear from normal movement.

Once the project was bid and awarded to a roofer, we worked with the Board of Education to review the work for conformity with the contract documents, coordinate with the roofing inspectors, and to process contractor payments. Near the completion of the roof work, a punchlist was generated to note areas that needed to have work corrected.

The result of this roof project was to extend the useful life of the existing roofing materials in place instead of removing and replacing all the roofing. This allowed for the school system to save money and to significantly reduce the amount of waste that a conventional tear-off and rebuild would generate. The success was the result of a good working relationship between all the parties involved, including the roofing manufacturer representative.