Jefferson Township Board of Education offices

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The goal of this project was to take an existing older school building and readapt it for use as the Board of Education Offices. The existing brick building had a good framework and size for the needed spaces, and with extensive renovations it would be a good place for the Board to relocate. Since the outside of the building would not change, this was primarily an interiors project. Besides normal maintenance, only new exterior windows were required.

After the design and construction drawings were completed for the facility, the project went out to public bid. Once a contractor was selected, the construction process began, and Fox Architectural coordinated the Construction Administration portion of the project. This included shop drawing and product submittal reviews, site visits to confirm contractor progress and applications for payment, and overseeing unforeseen issues that arose during the construction.

Projects like that that take older infrastructure and repurpose it for the new needs for the owner are a good way to efficiently expand as needed without the expense of all-new construction.