Clean Ride Car Wash

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The location is an existing self-service car wash facility on Route 206 in Andover. The goal for the renovation is to revitalize the existing building to make it a functioning and attractive service for visitors. After analyzing the building and determining the goals versus the budget, it was decided to try and maintain and repair the existing walls, but provide an all new roof structure. This would provide additional height and would also present a larger and more decorative facade to the highway. Also as part of the renovation, the existing slabs and drainage systems would be revised and upgraded as necessary.

Since improving the aesthetics is a big part of the overall plan, different repair and new materials were contemplated. The final direction is to repair and recoat the masonry walls, and to install new corrugated metal siding on the roof areas and parts of the walls. This will introduce new materials and colors to the facades to bring attention to the updated facility.