Jefferson Exxon

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This project is similar in scope to another where service station garage bays are being converted into additional retail space for the convenience store. The first step was to take the existing building and create a design that would utilize the existing space within the building to the maximum extent possible. To provide a more pedestrian friendly entry, an entry vestibule addition is proposed for the front.

In addition to the expansion of the convenience store, the owner also wants to take advantage of their prime location on Route 15 in Jefferson Township with a new drive-thru. A menu board, ordering window, and pickup window allows the most efficient selection and purchasing of quickly prepared items. Orders that are more in-depth and require more preparation are accommodated with reconfigured parking at both the front and the rear of the building. Entries on both the front and the rear maximize the flexibility for customers.

The owner desired not only an efficient and well configured store, but a new exterior appearance that would be more appealing to potential customers. The existing building is a very simple box shape which is typical for these service stations. That shape would be completely reconfigured and overhauled to create a new more rustic aesthetic that is appropriate for the location. It is a significant change in the appearance, and one that would enhance the entire facility.

The project required approval from the municipal planning board. Site plans and building plans were prepared in accordance with the municipal requirements. A board hearing was held and presentations were made to review and explain the intent and design of the project. The board granted approval and then the final construction drawings were completed. The building is now completed and occupied.

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